Monday, October 30, 2006

Business Week covers PSS!

Remember the old Burger King tag, have it your way. Well, the latest trend in search engines is the customized, personal search engine. Business Week put the trend on the map last week with a story on Google's new personal search engine tool. Bruni PR scored a major hit for PSS!, a personal search engine company here in NYC.

"And Google shows no signs of letting up. On Oct. 24, Google unveiled tools to allow users to build and customize their own search engines. In doing so, it moved onto the turf of companies such as Septet Systems, which offers the ability to personalize search engines and share them with others through its "Personal Search Syndication" site ( The company sells ads through Google and splits the revenue. "I'm very flattered that they are doing this, because it makes our business model that much more legitimate," says PSS's co-founder Benjamin Epstein, adding that his search engine still has some features Google's does not. "But, yeah, there is always concern that they will just wipe us out."

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