Monday, February 04, 2013

MAIA Yogurt

MAIA YOGURT ----------- Can you use Social Media to build the biggest yogurt brand in the US? We'll find out in the coming weeks as Maia Yogurt comes to NYC. Maia's CEO is betting that he can expand from a handful of locations featuring Maia (including Whole Foods in Tribeca, Fairway in the UWS and other key spots) into a city-wide penetration of all supermarkets and grocery stores... by enlisting the help of yogurt lovers. Maia's huge advantage over Choban and others is Authenticity when it comes to pro-biotics yogurt. 100 million strands vs. 50-60 million for Chobani per tablesspoon. It's the most high tech yogurt around. Started in is apartment in the UWS, Hamilton, its founder/CEO has outsourced production to a PA-based food processing plant and invaded several states (including Conn. and upstate NY) with great success. He personally hawks the yogurt and locations. He doesn't advertise or spend money on PR (not yet). Maia is driven by Social Media and has built a community of fans and followers through its Facebook page and Twitter. Check out Hamilton's latest email instructions to Maia Community fans and you'll get the "flava": Step 1: Facebook post: (and make sure to like our page if you haven't yet!) All NYC friends! The best yogurt around, @Maia Yogurt, can now be found at the Tribeca & UWS Whole foods. Pick up some today...nutritious and delicious Step 2: Twitter: All NYC residents. It's time to try the newest yogurt on the market -- delicious and healthy @ Whole Foods: UWS and Tribeca @maiayogurt #maiayogurt Step 3: Instagram: (download attached photo) Caption: Introducing Maia Yogurt, the best around. Now on shelves at Whole Foods -- UWS and Tribeca. #maiayogurt