Friday, June 15, 2007

Mogulus: The Revolution Will Be Televised

Imagine having your own live 24/7 television station on the Web. It's a dream that was impossible for most Web developers/producers. Not anymore. NY based startup Mogulus just did a beta launch in late May, and has already spawned 700 new "stations". Rapper Gil Scott Heron used to say "the revolution will not be televised..." Gil didn't envision Mogulus. Founder Max Haot is defying conventional (Joost) wisdom that everyone wants "video on demand stations" and not the "linear model" of live TV.

With Mogulus, you can blend your webcam, video clips from YouTube, and your own original content into your own unique TV program - and you call all the shots. When you’re not broadcasting live, turn on the auto-pilot and let it drive your playlist.

Haot wowed everyone at the NY Tech Meetup two wks ago with his demo. I spent two hours with him yesterday at their headquarters and can say "I have seen the future...."

Bruni PR will be pitching this exciting new startup to key reporters in the coming wks.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Dating will never be the same after MeetMoi seizes the public's imagination. MeetMoi has already captured the imagination of the VCs. Acadia Woods just invested $1.5m and other major VCs are likely courting this exciting new NY based startup.

Available on Cingular, Nextel, Boost, Sprint, T-Mobile, ALLTEL and CellularOne, the MeetMoi service allows registered members to meet and date other users simply by sending a text message from their phone with a specified location. MeetMoi then registers the user as "available" and sends the user's profile and photo via text message to other users who meet specified criteria and are within a proximity preference. Members have the option of preserving their anonymity while chatting through the gateway of MeetMoi.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

MyBlueZebra: "Made In Italy" 2.0

You think of Italy, and you think fashion, food, wine and cars. Think again. Italy is also a hotbed of new technologies. The land of DaVinci and Marconi is moving fast into the Net arena with new products/services that are barely on the horizon here in the US. Case in point: click to call technology. A new Italian-Australian startup that has set up headquarters here in NYC is capitalizing on advanced "Made in Italy" CtoC tech. It's called MyBlueZebra. MyBlueZebra has a deal with PagineGialle (Italy's version of the Yellow Pages) that's amazing. 140,000 businesses listed on the PagineGialle website now have a small icon called Chiamagratis (Call Free) next to their listing. You click on it and call for free from anywhere in the world. Bruni PR is pitching this story to reporters in Italy over the next few weeks. MyBlueZebra plans to invade the US market in the coming months. Why the crazy name? Founder Andrea Tessitore says it's the most "friendly animal" around. Credit Lapo Elkann for the name. The former Fiat marketing director is a key player in the new company. Forza MyBlueZebra!