Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Was the Year of Native Ads/ CONTENTLY

2013 Was the Year of Native Ads. This new ad medium got only $1.9b of the Ad Pie, but garnered a lion's share of attention from the Ad Trades, Ad reporters and even the FTC, which has Native Ads in its sights Who invented this business? A hot 3-year old startup called CONTENTLY. These fathers of Brand Publishing, ( are now a BRUNI PR client. As NYT's David Carr points out, Contently "has raised $2.3 million in financing, developed a roster of 27,000 writers, grown to 24 employees and has 40 Fortune 500 companies among its clients..." Their motto is "make stories, not ads"'ll be hearing that mantra often in 2014 on Madison Avenue and beyond.