Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yes.com: Radio 2.0 and RSS

Yes.com, a radio playlist social media site, is racking up some nice traffic numbers these days. You can find the playlists of over 3,000 radio stations and chat about the songs as they are playing in realtime with other fans of that particular station. I've been testdriving Yes.com and find it impressive. Founder Daniel Goldscheider has big plans for Yes.com, and has been quietly adding RSS feeds to the site. You can chat about breaking news stories coming out of TechCrunch, GigaOM and other sites in real time.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

NYers at the Crunchies

No one was surprised that Facebook, Digg, the iPhone, zoho, meebo and others won top awards at the Crunchies last nite. What surprised me was the presence of NY startups that competed for the awards. Tumblr, the multimedia micro-blog, and UpNext, the 3d search/social media site, Etsy, Viewdle and others were in the house and won praise/ attention. Kudos also to Mogulus, which powered the Crunchies TV livestreaming show.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Acid Jazz from Soundclick

Soundclick clicks w/ Web2NewYork Meetup

They've been around for over ten years, but don't get the attention that AmieStreet and other NY-based indy music downloads sites get these days. Soundclick was the highlight of a lively Web2NewYork Meetup last Tuesday nite at the Gallery Bar in the LES of NYC.
From their site:
"You will find well-known artists such as Janet Jackson, Sarah McLachlan, Moby, Gravediggaz, PM Dawn, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Letters To Cleo. But the driving force are hundreds of thousands of great unsigned bands looking for their big break."
Soundclick has
more than 50,000 new songs approved each month. They are seeking more advertisers, and will surely find them. VCs and investors need not apply. Soundclick is fully funded and has been around long enough not to worry about burn rates.

Macworld draws record livestreaming audience

Macworld was a historic livestreaming milestone.

Sure, it wasn't "Super Bowl" network TV ratings, but about 6,000 people watched the Jobs speech live on five separate Mogulus TV channels.

The coverage of The Digital Lifestyle channel (http://www.mogulus.com/tdl), which had experts reporting live from a studio and getting real-time information from reporters on the ground, was a great success and received very positive feedback from viewers.
Mogulus is a Bruni PR client.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

NY Startups To Watch in 2008

Which NY startups are worth watching in 2008?

Here's the Bruni PR list:

Kaltura -- innovative collaborative video editing

AmieStreet -- indy music site with unique pricing formula

GroundReport --- hot new citizen journalism TV website

Urbis.com -- literary/social media site eyed by major publishing houses

Blip.TV -- the hottest video on demand site around

Mogulus -- livestreaming on the Web (a Bruni PR client)

Clickable -- run your online ad campaign in a box

StreetEasy.com -- still the hottest Real Estate site in town (former client)

Wixi --- personal/social media search engine

Tumblr -- like Twitter but with video/music/media diaries

The Ladders -- leading job search startup

Animoto --- do it yourself music video creation

Etsy --- your place to buy/sell "all things handmade"

Future Scanners --- Digg with a predictions on the future

Snooth -- wine lovers' social media site

Unype --- 3d Virtual World

Electric Sheep --- the guys who build stuff for Second Life

Yuxt -- online video bookmarking

Motionbox -- online video bookmarking

KickApps --- user generated video

IMEEM --- what's on your playlist

BlockSavvy --- urban culture social media site funded by Damon Dash

AdItAll -- do it yourself tv ads

Magnify --- video community

Raketu --- VoIP service cheaper than Skype

MyBlueZebra --- click to call

Yes.com --- radio lovers' social media /rating site

RecordMyCall --- phone call recording Web service

LinkExperts -- organic search links consultants

JobThread --- job classifieds in a box