Thursday, January 17, 2008

Soundclick clicks w/ Web2NewYork Meetup

They've been around for over ten years, but don't get the attention that AmieStreet and other NY-based indy music downloads sites get these days. Soundclick was the highlight of a lively Web2NewYork Meetup last Tuesday nite at the Gallery Bar in the LES of NYC.
From their site:
"You will find well-known artists such as Janet Jackson, Sarah McLachlan, Moby, Gravediggaz, PM Dawn, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Letters To Cleo. But the driving force are hundreds of thousands of great unsigned bands looking for their big break."
Soundclick has
more than 50,000 new songs approved each month. They are seeking more advertisers, and will surely find them. VCs and investors need not apply. Soundclick is fully funded and has been around long enough not to worry about burn rates.

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