Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who won @ SXSW? (and does it matter?)

Who won the battle of the group messaging apps at SXSW? TechCrunch sez GroupMe, but Fast Society also scored points with a fine new version of its app.

Fast Society, a NYC-based startup, recently released a new group application that is “Built to Party.” Users with an iPhone and Android capable phones can send and receive audio messages, share their locations, text for free within the app, and “go back in time” to remember previous conversations with the group. (NYC Convergence).

"Fast Society is setting itself a part from other group messaging spaces by using its own platform, saving it a lot of money and adding flexibility. They are also avoiding becoming a social network, as they are designed just for single groups."

The startup launched in September 2010 and has raised $275,000 in seed capital. CEO Matt Rosenberg describes the company as “something that is edgy and dangerous. We’re not your mom’s startup. We’re young and aggressive.”

As an aging Boomer, I appreciate FS's demographic targeting. Why waste time on reaching older consumers who don't appreciate group texting? That's why MTV recently chose FS to promote its controversial "Skins" show. Watch this young Alley startup move "Fast" and catch up to GroupMe and other players.

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