Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Visual History Album/ FotoBridge

When Academy Award - winning producer Jon Landau decided to digitally archive thousands of family photos dating back to the early 20th Century, he chose FotoBridge.

Digitizing your photos to DVD isn't just for Hollywood types and pro fotogs. FotoBridge's newest customers are Baby Boomer consumers who want to preserve their family's visual history.

There are an estimated 1 to 3 trillion Photos available for digitial conversion. That's a lot of old photo albums in closets.

Getting rid of that clutter is a great idea. But, picking a Photoscanning Service is also a chore.

Do a Google Web search on Photo Scanning Services and you'll see dozens of names. But, among the top ranked search results is FotoBridge ( And, with good reason.

FotoBridge is the fastest growing photo scanning service in the US. With over
15 million images delivered so far, FotoBridge is the Number One choice for pros and Consumers. It recently introduced Home Movie/Video/Film to DVD, a hot new area.

FotoBridge uses a variety of the latest, most-advanced, professional imaging technologies and systems available today. Their Kodak scanners are specially modified models supported by Kodak for dedicated print photograph scanning.

Following scanning, FotoBridge enhances each digital image through "Intelligent Digital Finishing" (IDFSM) process. This process combines automated and manual techniques to resolve existing color, exposure, red-eye, highlights and contrast problems present in the original photos. IDF can often salvage poor photos and make good photos look even better.

FotoBridge has a Facebook page, a Twitter following and even a YouTube channel (with examples of their work.

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