Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Silicon Alley is spreading south into the Delaware Valley. Philly's economy isn't just about healthcare/pharma, banks and law firms anymore. Internet companies are sprouting up in Philly and surrounding areas, especially King Of Prussia, faster than timeshares in the Poconos. At the recent TechCrunch 40 and Demo conferences out West, there were numerous Philly based startups rubbing elbows with Silicon Valley venture capitalists and young Net moguls.

To service these new Delaware Valley startups, Bruni PR has entered into a strategic partnership with RENAMITY PR, one of the city's fastest growing PR firms, with clients in a wide range of businesses, including entertainment, food, beverages, consumer goods, and financial services. RENAMITY PR CEO Anthony DiMeo III has a strong track record in marketing to the city's "young affluent", the same demographic group spearheading the economic move into the Net industry. I'd call them the "young affluentials". Can the next Google or YouTube come out of Philly? If it does, Bruni PR and RENAMITY will be there to seize the opportunity.

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kandiceburris08 said...

Last night I attended an event at Saks Fifth Avenue by RENAMITY Public Relations & Special Events. I was truly impressed with not only the lavish setting that RENAMITY and their beautiful staff provided for guests, but also the high-quality of young "affuential" professionals at the fashion forward event.

I was so impressed that I took two hours this afternoon to go online and do some research on RENAMITY to see what they have done in the past. Based on my exerience, I am highly recommending RENAMITY to my company for our next corporate holiday party!

RENAMITY really knows how to throw a party.