Sunday, September 17, 2006

Raketu: the new "Skype Killer"

Raketu, a new Bruni PR client, officially launched this week, and received endorsements from Tom Keating, VoIP and Gadgets, and from numerous VoIP/telecom blogs. Information Week, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others have expressed interest as well. Check out, register and get a million free minutes. Call it "Viral PR".

VoIP and Gadgets:

Raketu new P2P VoIP app takes on Skype
September 12, 2006
RaketuIs Raketu the next Skype killer? Raketu today launched a new VoIP client that also offers information and entertainment services. Raketu’s communications features include dialout calling (rakOut) to landline/mobile phones, Instant Messaging (supporting Raketu, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, ICQ, Google and Skype), SMS-text messaging, and file transfers/sharing.

Raketu's information features include news, sports, weather, stock feeds, and an advanced internet and travel searching facility. Raketu’s entertainment features include a podcast reader/player, games, and a full featured multi-media player with karaoke. Raketu supports click-to-call, click-to-im, click-to-sms, global online presence, and enhanced social networking features. I even noticed the software supports plugins, including games such as the classic Battleships game. I guess this would be Web 2.0 meets VoIP 2.0. Still missing some of my "cool" features for the perfect unified communications client.

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