Saturday, March 14, 2015

SaleMove Moves Forward

Can Webrooming sell high priced Jewelry and Luxury goods?  

The latest twist is "white glove" webrooming using tech to bring the salesperson into the living room.

Many major Retailers of luxury items are testing SaleMove's "white glove" Tech.

Electronics and car retailers have been spearheading the Tech and Luxury goods businesses are following their lead.

Approximately 10,000 "sales interactions" occurred between  Autobytel's 3,000+ dealerships and potential customers during the last six months utilizing this brand new platform by NY-based SaleMove ( 

SaleMove's patent-pending technology also allows Retailers ,insurance companies (Guardian ) and others to enhance the online shopping experience by interacting with consumers in real-time, using the method most comfortable to them, including live video, audio and text-based chat or by phone. 

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