Sunday, May 04, 2008

Crunchgear Party: Empressr Impressed

Empressr wowed the Crunchgear party in NYC on May 1st at Red Sky bar with the "first visual story and presentation Internet application". (I'm the guy in the beige cap) Here's how the folks at Empressr describe it --

"Empressr was developed by Fusebox, an award winning creative and technology firm that creates rich Internet applications (RIAs), and advertising and marketing programs for global 1000 companies. Empressr was developed in response to what we saw as the limitations of existing presentation applications. If streaming video and Flash are more dynamic ways to present important information, then why shouldn't everyone have access to this medium? So our creative and technology experts teamed up to develop a way for anyone to create rich media presentations, easily. The result is the first-of-its-kind visual story telling and presentation application that is revolutionizing the industry"

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