Monday, March 31, 2008


Can you start a "fake" startup, raise VC money, hire employees and fool the business world. You bet. Matt Feldman, founder/CEO of neovids, wowed the NY Video 2.0 meetup last week with his Slikstr prank/gag. neovids has successfully produced a webisode series on Slikstr, a fake startup. Feldman "founded" the startup a few wks back with a blog, a business plan and an intro video on YouTube and Mogulus. Believe it or not, he has received requests from VCs offering investments, resumes from interested job applicants and even, real press coverage from blogs that were all hoodwinked by this young Net video company. I first saw the Slikstr gag at a recent Web2NY meetup and didn't realize it was fake until half way through his pitch. Even Edelman PR, the inventors of the infamous Walmart "flog" would blush at Slikstr's success.

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